Custom Orthotics Could Be the Answer to Your Aches and Pains

If you are physically active, it is likely that you experience some kind of discomfort as a result of your activities. Runners can get shin splints, knee problems, tendonitis and many other painful injuries.

custom orthotics

Tennis players can twist their knees or ankles and get hip and lower back problems. While the above injuries can originate from a number of sources, often they develop because of poor foot support. You may have fallen arches, pronation or supination of your feet, which destabilizes your joints and other parts of your body. The solution is custom orthotics.

If you watch television, you will see advertisements for mass market orthotics or similar devices. For example, one manufacturer provides a stall for pharmacies in which you stand on footprints which help to determine the type of insert to place inside of your shoe. While this insert may be better than nothing, it is a long way from the benefits of custom orthotics.

Your feet actually have three arches in them. The mass market products may support one of the arches, but not all three. In addition, they do not provide the additional stabilization that your feet may need due to pronation or supination.

In the former situation, the foot rolls inward while walking or running, which can cause the knee to twist and the pelvis to tilt forward. The result can be shin splints, knee, hip, back and neck pain. In the latter situation, which is less common, the foot rolls outward and is less flexible. The result can be difficulty walking on rough ground, heel spurs, hammer toes and stress fractures.

If you order custom orthotics, you will receive an insert that is created for your unique foot issues. It will stabilize your foot during physical activity, relieving many of the discomforts that you experience regularly. It is worth investigating.