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10 myths about water

The water is more than good for health, and that proper hydration is essential for wellbeing and functioning of the body. However, how much water should we drink a day?, Is the sparkling water has no calories, is it better to drink before or during meals? They are some of the questions that, in some cases, have led to false beliefs about its benefits and properties. We reveal the 10 myths about water.

myths about water

We know, and so often remind experts in health and nutrition, drinking water is essential to ensure proper hydration of our body, not just when we are thirsty. In fact, you should always carry around a small bottle of drinking water occasionally. Water is a source of health, essential for a healthy, varied and balanced diet drink. Water is not fattening, but yes, this does not mean that drinking excess water multiply the benefits, but there are moderate and rational way. On the water, as on other basic foods from the diet, have also emerged false myths that have been settled in the popular belief.

Myths about water
We will discover the 10 false myths surrounding water:

  1. How much water should we drink a day? The recommendation is to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. However, it should be appreciated significantly, and the amount of water present in many of the foods that we eat every day, especially fruits and vegetables must also be taken into account.
  2. Does water have calories? Water has zero calories, so it is removed the belief that drinking lots of water can unbalance the diet. Nothing is further from reality. In fact, the water diet is an effective alternative to take care of the line. However, there is something of true in this matter, and is some kind of water with flavor that can be found on the market, they can contain calories. In this case, always read the label.
  3. Does drinking lots of water prevents fluid retention? Another myth, because drinking a lot does not help solve the problem of fluid retention, which is not caused by water, but by the salt and sugar that we take food. For unsightly cellulite or orange peel, we must review the diet and eliminate foods that promote fluid retention, such as salty or sugary.
  4. Is the tap water is less healthy than bottled? It’s not true. Tap water is controlled by the health authorities, so that drinking tap water is just as healthy. It is also a more ecological and economic practice.
  5. Does drinking cold water helps you lose weight? Another myth about water is that cold take helps you lose weight. This is not true, because to burn calories the body would first have to restore the proper temperature. Ice water is also best to avoid it, as it can cause respiratory problems (sore throat, nasal congestion…). It is best to take liquids at room temperature.
  6. Does sparkling water improves digestion? One urban legend about water, since the only advantage of this type of water is that it favors the expulsion of the gases, but that does not necessarily mean that it will facilitate the digestion.
  7. Does water helps eliminate toxins? Now that’s totally true. Drinking water is the most effective way to remove toxins from the body. Proper hydration active functioning of the liver and kidneys, helping to eliminate waste and toxins.
  8. Should we drink before or during meals? Drinking during meals is good, in fact has an important role and helps digest food and favors the action of gastric juices. If you do not drink water it is possible for you to slow down the digestion.
  9. Do warm water in the morning? Take warm water in fasting stimulates the bowel and has a detoxifying effect, especially if we take it with lemon juice.
  10. Do I have to drink more water if you are travelling by plane? We ended with a belief is true, since good hydration helps offset the effects of reduced pressure. It is also good, if the air conditioning or heating, it sprayed the face and hands with water.