Millions of people worldwide are suffering from a form of eye blindness while several others continue to live with low vision. Researchers and scientists continue to work on developing effective ways of restoring sight. In this regard, the development of bionic eye implants is the result of such efforts toContinue Reading

Vitrectomy is a type of surgical treatment widely used to solve various alterations in which the retina and the vitreous are involved, that is, the clear gel that fills the entire ocular cavity and that is located behind the crystalline lens. At the same time, it has contact with theContinue Reading

Comfortable and aesthetic. These are two of the benefits of contact lenses, which logically require a series of specific care. The lenses, transparent and graduated for each case, are placed on the cornea, in the anterior part of the eye, to correct vision defects in cases such as hypermetropia, myopiaContinue Reading

Do you leave home without sunglasses? Do you remove makeup before go to bed? Do you correctly wear contact lenses? How many hours a day do you spend in front of the computer screen, tablet or mobile? … Simple questions that reveal habits that can be seriously damaging to yourContinue Reading