gene silencing

Genetic modification continues to push boundaries and advance the treatment of disease. Gene silencing is a promising new approach to patient care and drug development which targets the genetic communication system and has already proven effective in the treatment and management of genetic diseases. Gene silencing explained The human bodyContinue Reading

brain tumour

Most times a brain tumor can lead to brain cancer, and it refers to any collection or mass of abnormal cells within the brain. It is a well-known fact that the human skull, which encloses the brain, is extremely rigid, and therefore, any unwanted growth within such a restricted spaceContinue Reading

The Big C The word cancer had some of the worst connotations in our modern lives. Being faced with a diagnosis of cancer is incredibly frightening, and the emotional ramifications of it can be just as intense as the physical symptoms, treatment and side effects. The shock of hearing youContinue Reading

Information is essential in cancer prevention, and hence the importance of removing the mistaken beliefs about the disease. Neither the stress nor the components of the deodorants are behind the diagnoses of cancer nor the having a pessimistic personality makes us more vulnerable to suffer a disease that generates doubtsContinue Reading