Aging can bring on a host of issues, some of which may change every aspect of one’s life. Some issues are more common than others, and some have more detrimental effects than others. By learning about these issues, you and your loved one can avoid being caught off guard. BelowContinue Reading

Akathisia is a movement disorder that is characterized by restlessness, an urgent need to be in permanent movement. Swing when sitting or standing, crossing and uncrossing the legs and moving the feet as if walking while sitting. People who suffer from this disorder are not able to remain calm andContinue Reading

The dissociative identity disorder (DID) or multiple personality disorder (MPD) is defined as an identity disorder by the presence of two or more different personality states that even can not know or have different abilities. This disorder is characterized by alterations in memory (episodes of amnesia), behavior, awareness and perceptionContinue Reading

Most people equate being introverted with shyness. Some parents may even hope that their teens who are reserved would work harder on being an extrovert by socializing with their friends more. But while introversion and shyness may seem similar, the two are actually oceans apart. Many teens who are introvertedContinue Reading