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    Coccyx fracture: Aftermath and consequences

    The bone called Coccyx or Tailbone is the smallest part of the bone in the spine and, therefore, it is also the least developed part of it. This in turn ...

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    Leptospirosis: Symptoms, infection and treatment

    It is known as leptospirosis or Weil's disease to a disease of bacterial origin, which represents a very important problem for public health by its distribution throughout the world, and ...

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    What to do with epileptic seizures

    Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that leads to seizure due to the abnormal functioning of certain neurons in the cerebral cortex. It is mistakenly thought that epilepsy is a mental ...

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    Constant vomiting: Reasons and natural remedies

    If the vomiting lasts for more than 48 hours we will have to go to the specialist to get a diagnosis and make sure we consume enough fluids so as ...

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    Diseases according to the blood type: The most common

    What's your blood type? Did you know that we are more vulnerable to certain diseases depending on the type of blood? More than a century after the Austrian Karl Landsteiner ...

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    Swollen lymph nodes in the neck: More common causes

    The neck is one of the areas where place the about 600 nodes that we have in the body. But why are these inflamed? What are the most common causes ...

03 Jul

How to use the homogenizer

Homogenizer is the laboratory instrument used for homogenization of tissue, plant, food etc. There are various models and types of instrument that has been developed ...
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