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    Diseases according to the blood type: The most common

    What's your blood type? Did you know that we are more vulnerable to certain diseases depending on the type of blood? More than a century after the Austrian Karl Landsteiner ...

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    Swollen lymph nodes in the neck: More common causes

    The neck is one of the areas where place the about 600 nodes that we have in the body. But why are these inflamed? What are the most common causes ...

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    Fanconi anemia: Gene therapy to cure the disease

    Fanconi anemia is an inherited disease, classified as a rare disease, and is caused, due to problems in DNA repair that cause a deficit in the production of blood cells ...

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    Dangerous diseases that have no symptoms

    It may be that you have no apparent symptoms but your body is in grave danger. We generally expect to go to the doctor or get a health examination, to ...

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    Cystitis: Simple habits to prevent urine infection

    The cystitis, especially annoying, is a very common infection whose risk can be reduced by taking some simple preventive measures, especially important when we consider the tendency to repeat itself ...

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    Incurable diseases: The evils that still have no cure

    Advances in medicine, especially in the last century, are unquestionable, but there are still unanswered questions for those diseases cataloged today as incurable. Diseases of which, in some cases, the ...

16 Dec

Living with Pancreatic Cancer

The Big C The word cancer had some of the worst connotations in our modern lives. Being faced with a diagnosis of cancer is incredibly frightening, ...
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