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10 psychological tricks to be happy and stop overthinking

We always try to maintain a positive attitude towards life as we want things to go well for us, but sometimes we fall into negative thought patterns worrying about past mistakes or current stresses.

stop overthinking

We spend too much time analyzing experiences and imagining things that have not really happened. We get to associate all the bad things and start feeling unhappy.

If it happens to you very often, it is probably because you think too much and this could be detrimental to your health, leading to anxiety and depression.

Tricks to be happy and stop overthinking

There are some tricks that will help you how to stop overthinking and feel happy.

Be aware of it

The first thing you have to do is acknowledge that you have a problem. Be aware of times when you overthink. When you feel stressed, take a step back and analyze the situation. Once you learn to recognize when it happens to you, you will avoid doing it so often.

be positive

Be positive

When you are scared, you start overthinking and thinking about things, as you think there is a good chance it will go wrong. Try to stay positive and think that everything will work out.

Imagine happy endings

Focus your mind on a positive outcome. Imagining the ending can help control your anxiety.

Avoid control

Stop thinking that you have to do things yourself to make them go well, since you carry too much responsibility. Understand that mistakes are learned and that it is normal to make them.

Live with the moment

Don’t analyze the past or worry about the future. Focus your mind on the present and try to enjoy as much as you can.

Get a second opinion

It has always been said that two heads think more than one, so ask someone to give you their opinion on whether or not you think too much, and listen to what they say.

Look for distractions

When it happens to you, change places, look the other way. A new point of view is enough to change your mind. You can also distract yourself by running, dancing, or playing an instrument for happiness.

Don’t be a perfectionist

Things don’t usually go the way you planned, so get used to it and stop thinking that everything has to be perfect.

Set a time limit

If you take too long to decide something, you are probably overthinking, as you will try to look at the situation from every possible angle. Limit the time to decide depending on how big the decision is.

Surround yourself with positive people

Positive people will help you to think that way. So stay away from people who just have worries and problems.

Your thoughts affect your energy. If you live worried and with negativity, you probably attract problems. Try to live with positive thoughts and everything will go smoothly.

Overthinking effect on health

We cannot deny the fact that the brain is connected to each and every organ in our body through the endocrine and nervous systems. It is not surprising then, that what we think and feel is transmitted almost directly to the rest of the body. And we are not referring only to pessimism, almost always linked to depression, but also to anxiety, stress, nervousness or any disorder of the mind, always hand in hand with affectations on the physical plane.

overthinking effect on health

Insomnia and sleep disorders

It is difficult to fall asleep when our mind does not stop thinking about tomorrow’s meeting, the boss’s anger or the bills that are on the dining room table. When we are stressed and nervous, we can very easily suffer from insomnia and watch the hours go by without us being able to sleep.

This implies that our body does not rest enough, we lose the ability to concentrate, and we can develop chronic fatigue and irritability. Also, being weaker we are more prone to diseases.

Overweight and hypertension

It has been shown many times that stress and anxiety (usually related to negative thoughts) can lead to poor eating behaviors that lead to overweight and hypertension.

We see examples of this continually, both in real life and in our cinematographic imagination. When someone breaks up, he or she flushes with ice cream. When a soccer team loses, fans flock to eat junk food. Greasy, caloric and unhealthy food is comforting in situations of low emotional stability. We can thus confirm that maintaining a positive attitude keeps us away from these bad habits.

Eye infections and other physical manifestations

As with herpes, eye infections are one of the clear reflections that something is not right within our body. Both cases are the result, sometimes, of viral agents, but many times they are the result of a traumatic, unpleasant or stressful situation. And do you still believe that what we feel and think does not affect physically?