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10 Tips to protect the health of the eyes

The health of our eyes is in our hands. However, we do not pay due attention. Did you know that misuse of contact lenses or harsh cleaners can cause vision problems? Just take a few simple habits can extend its good health, because do not forget that the eyes also notice over time. Along with a healthy diet and making regular eye examinations, there are some tips that we can put into practice on a daily basis so that our eyes are full of good health.

protect eye health

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Beware with makeup

Certain makeup products may contain chemicals that cause allergies, and in particular, applied on the eyelids can cause discomfort such as dry eye. You should use hypoallergenic cosmetics, and if a product causes stinging when applied, it is best to avoid it.

Avoid smoke

The smoke irritates eyes, not being harmful effect on eye health, as the cigarette tar can be inserted in the retina. A further argument for leaving the unhealthy habit of smoking.

Use good lenses

Bring many hours, not clean well, these are some of the most common mistakes when using lenses, much more comfortable than glasses. But beware, because this can damage the cornea. Always follow the instructions of the ophthalmologist.

The tears humidify

Keep your eyes fixed on a computer screen for a long time, for example, reduces flicker, and this dry eye. Not only tears are an excellent shield, you can also use the trick of splashing the eyes with water to freshen the look.

Use sunglasses

Choose a model that blocks UVA and UV rays and infrared filter. For sunny days are best avoided yellow crystals and orange sunglass. The goggles protect eyes from the sun, which suffer with the exposure as well as the skin. Use glasses also sunny winter days.

Relieves eyestrain

Especially when we spend much time in front of a screen. To do this, put into practice a simple exercise: first, look left and right without moving your head. Then looks up and down slowly. So you will alleviate the tension of the eyes and you prevent eyestrain.

Watch cleaning products

Contact with any chemical or detergent we use for the cleaning of the home can cause injury or burns to the eyes. If you use a product of this type it is suitable to be prevented and wear protective goggles.

Watch the chlorine and salt

Both substances, the chlorine and the salt, irritate the eye, which contributes to be more sensitive. Although it is more common in the summer months, the swimming pools are a favorable habitat for the development of the keratitis, inflammation of the cornea that produces, among other symptoms, redness and itching.

Take vitamins

Green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, and avocado) and yellow (corn) are rich in vitamins in antioxidant compounds, helping to prevent the loss of visual acuity associated with aging. Vitamins A, B, C and E are an ally of eye health.

Takes lemon and carrot juice

A combination of extra protection, because in addition to contributing to hydrate the body, with this drink you bring vitamin C and beta carotene beneficial to the health of the eyes, thanks to the nutrients in carrots and lemon.