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5 things you probably do wrong in the shower

Do we know how to shower well? An everyday habit from which we discover the things we probably do wrong in the shower.

It may seem easy, but pay attention to the things we probably do wrong in the shower almost unconsciously. The ritual of shower (washing the body, rinsing and drying with a towel) especially influences the health of the skin.

wrong in the shower

The same skin will be responsible for betraying errors in the shower, or carelessness in the rush. If the skin looks dry and flaky, especially in the cold months, we may be making some easy to spot errors. The things you do badly in the shower have consequences for the skin, as underlined by experts in dermatology. Take note of the mistakes that should be corrected to enjoy a relaxing and healthy shower.

Take very long hot shower

It is true that there is nothing like a steam shower or very hot water on a cold morning or to relax after a stressful day. However, this is not good for the skin. The excess of hot water destroys the natural oils of the skin, making it more vulnerable, for example to the appearance of eczema. It can even increase generalized pruritus.

A shower with cold water may be unattractive, so it’s best to take a short shower with warm water. Turning the faucet and applying a stream of cold water to lighten the skin also has no great benefits. The cold closes the blood vessels that dilate with the heat.

Use soaps and gels with excessive foam

Using products that do more foam does not make more effective; on the contrary, it can dry the skin and give it a rough appearance. The ingredient in the soaps and gels that cause them to produce more foam is a surfactant. Soap surfers are chemicals that attract water and the natural oil of the skin. One of the symptoms that may appear is a sensation of itching in the skin caused by dryness. In these cases, it is as simple as changing the product for a softer one.

In case of any skin problem, consult the dermatologist about specific products for your care and hydration.

Do not wipe whole body thoroughly

If we are in a hurry, we often leave the shower with soap scraps, especially in the neck or nape area. Failure to wipe properly may cause skin irritation and dryness. In this case, the type of product also influences, as some, such as those that include additional moisturizing ingredients, do not help restore the skin after the shower.

Apply a face mask after the shower

It is a common gesture, wash your face in the shower and then apply a mask. However, this is not the way to do it, but rather the opposite. It is best to apply the mask before washing the face. Doing the opposite can cause more dryness in some types of skins. Any product that is applied after the shower is absorbed much faster, so if we apply the mask can cause irritation.

The most recommended product to be given after the shower is a moisturizer.

Use a rough towel

After the shower, especially in the cold months, we hurried to dry and get dressed as quickly as possible. However, we forget that drying the skin is as important as the shower itself. To prevent dry skin it is best to use a soft towel, giving soft slaps to eliminate the moisture. The water in the skin evaporates very quickly after the shower, so it is important to apply a moisturizer to avoid problems of dryness in the arms, legs and other parts that tend to dry out.