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7 facts that reveal your nipples

Nipples can have many shapes and many sizes. You can also see them in different tones. It is usually associated with breastfeeding or with orgasms. However, many people are not aware of its importance with respect to health: it can be indicators of several factors to be taken into account. Discover 7 of them below.

reveal your nipples

1. Some discharges are normal

Occasionally, the milk-like liquid that is light and milky in color or between green and blue may leak from the nipples. These discharges can happen to women who are not pregnant as well as breastfeeding mothers, and these are normal. On the other hand, if the liquid contains some blood or if it comes from a single breast should consult your gynecologist because this type of discharge may indicate the presence of a benign tumor or breast cancer.

nipple pain during breastfeeding

2. Nipple pain during breastfeeding is common (and can be avoided)

There are not a few women who usually complain about the pain in their nipples while breastfeeding, especially during the first weeks of breastfeeding. Some even experience infections caused by fungi. However, with proper advice, these annoyances can be avoidable or attenuated. So do not hesitate to investigate breastfeeding and share these feelings with other mothers so they can help you take them from the start.

3. The “third nipples” exist

And these are more common than you imagine. These are called supernumerary nipples. It usually develops along two lines that go from the armpits to the lateral part of the groin. For this reason, it can be confused with moles, warts or cutaneous papillomas. It is also known that these appear more frequently in men than in women.

4. Intense exercise can affect the nipples

This depends to a large extent on the support used to perform physical activities. Always try to use a comfortable one that fits your breasts well but does not adjust too much so as not to hurt the nipples. In case you do not perform intense exercises and observe redness, scaling and itching of the nipples, it is advisable to consult a health professional as it may be eczema or Paget’s disease (a form of cancer that involves the aura and the nipples).

5. Constitute an erogenous zone

This applies to both women and men. It is known, for example, that its stimulation activates the same pleasure centers in the brain as stimulation of the cervix, clitoris and vagina. In this sense, it should be pointed out that the piercings in the nipple can alter the sensitivity in the area.

6. The hair in the area is completely normal

Even in women. This is due to the fact that both sexes have small nodes in the aureole, where hair follicles are lodged that grow as we develop. If you do not like their presence you can remove them with wax or cut them with a little squeegee (and be very careful!). If you see that these follicles begin to hurt or if you notice scale in this area along with itching, you should consult with your trusted gynecologist as it may indicate a sign of infection or cancer.

inverted nipples

Inverted nipples are also normal

In principle, this can be an impediment for breastfeeding to develop smoothly. But do not worry. There are nipple protectors that generate pressure around the areola and help the nipple to slowly come out. Many women, for aesthetic reasons, decide to undergo surgery, but this intervention is not usually necessary.

As you can see, nipples have much more to tell us than we imagine.