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8 Surprising Immediate-Relief Treatments from Dry Eyes

If for several days now you wake up in the morning with irritated, red, burning, and puffy eyes, ask yourself could it be due to being awake until midnight for studying, browsing the Internet, or partying? If the answer is “yes” then it is a perfectly normal symptom. But if the answer is “no”, then you may be sufferings from dry eye problems. Millions of people are affected by dry eyes and the number is increasing day by day. Nowadays it is quite common among the people of all ages.

treatments from dry eyes

The main two things responsible for this condition is the tear glands and oil glands. If the oil glands become clogged and the eyelid edges become inflamed, dry eye problems occur. On the other hand, if your tear glands are not creating enough lubricating tears, you may also suffer from this problem. But don’t worry; dry eyes are as common as headaches. The good news is that, dry eyes can be treated very easily. Here are some easy treatments for getting relief from dry eyes.

Eye Drops or Artificial Tears

You can find these little lubricants at any local drugstore. They come in two categories, preservative-free and with preservatives. Choosing the right option for you can be tricky because there is no way to distinguish how they will feel until you try them and find your preference. You may want to start with the natural brands first because the wrong pick may blur your vision for a while.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Flax oil and fish oil can lubricate the mucous membranes of your eyes. This vitamin should be taken orally and not placed directly into the eyes or it may cause blurry vision and pain in the eyes. Flax oil is bit more effective for dry eyes than fish oil.

Eye Drop Medication

You may also be prescribed steroid drops by your eye doctor. However, they are temporary and not for long-term use. The drops may cause your eye muscles to enlarge and bulge eventually, which are a normal side-effect, but the excess use may increase the risk of glaucoma or cataracts. Another anti-inflammatory medication is Restasis, which can also give you some relief.

Moisture Goggles

Some people never close their eyelids during sleep. Obviously the people who do this don’t know they are doing it until someone else tells them. In cases like this, moisture goggles can help you. Moisture goggles create a moisture barrier and block evaporation in order to keep your eyes from getting dry.

Tear Duct Plugs

Your eye doctor can prescribe tiny plugs in the tear duct at the corner of your eyelid. This will help slow down the natural draining of your tears from the eye surface. This is effective but it may be expensive.

Warm Compress

If the doctor diagnosis you with dry eyes, a home therapy of warm compresses can help you. Using them daily can help you get relief from dry eyes.

Lipiflow Device

Lipiflow is a device to treat or clean the oil glands. This is a 12-minute procedure that unclogs the corner of the eyes through applying heat and massaging the area. This is similar to a spa treatment and body massage for the eyes. The result can help dry eye problems.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL traditionally is usually performed by dermatologists. Nowadays, it is used in treating dry eyes and reducing inflammation of eyes. It also reduces excessive blood vessel since excessive blood flow to eyes creates dry eye problems.

These very easy treatments can give you relief from dry eyes. In addition, you should consult with doctor if home remedies are not working. Before applying these treatments, you can verify any treatment with since the eyes are a very sensitive part of the body.