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A healthy intestinal flora is essential for the immune system

The immune system is a defense shields our body. Hence the importance of strengthening defenses. And one of the most important organs for this purpose is the intestines, which influence, and much, in the immune system. Through the intestines removed the waste products from the body, so we should not underestimate its care. And it is precisely here where the intestinal flora comes into play.

healthy intestinal flora

It includes hundreds of bacteria species that promote digestive process by further barrier against harmful substances and potentially harmful microorganisms. The bacterial flora in certain circumstances, for example, as a result of taking antibiotics or in the case of malnutrition problems, it weakens, being essential to act to restore balance by eliminating the effect on the immune system.

A weak intestinal flora means a reduction in the body’s defenses.

Healthy intestinal flora depends on balancing the immune system and is, therefore, essential to its care and prevention. Among the risk factors include stress, malnutrition, irritable bowel syndrome, and antibiotics and antibacterials, whose abuse or frequent use is potentially harmful.

In all these cases, it is important to enrich the diet with food supplements based on psyllium fiber, prebiotic fiber that feeds the intestinal microflora, and milk enzymes, including bifidobacteria and latobacilli, the main allies of our health.

As part of prevention it is also important to the practice of regular physical activity and encourage the consumption of foods rich in fiber, trace elements, minerals and antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables; food rich in lactic acid bacteria, such as yogurt and cheese.

Meanwhile, avoid fatty or refined foods and potentially harmful substances such as alcohol and sugary drinks that put in danger the good functioning of the liver. The water also help to keep us healthy, it is advisable to take each day at least 1.5 liters.