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Addiction to Suffering: Symptoms and how to overcome it

Addiction to suffering is a very dangerous kind of addiction that can make our lives become horrible. Most of the time, you may even end up in a serious depression or dependency problems towards some type of drugs or medications. Below we discover what the symptoms of this terrible addiction are and how to deal with it in the best possible way.

addiction to suffering

Symptoms of Addiction to Suffering

Some of the main symptoms of this type of addiction are mainly how we perceive reality in a negative way. In this way, a person with addiction to suffering will live anchored in the past recreating all those situations that have made him suffer and feedback from that pain. For example, when someone harms a person who has this addiction to it, it is impossible to forget the grievance however small and it needs a constant reiteration of this pain and everything that can make you remember that suffering in order to increase the bitterness of his heart.

Another of the most characteristic and defining symptoms of people with this type of addiction is the total loss of control over the blame. They think that their life is unhappy and continually blame for this to their childhood, family, economic situation or any other reason beyond their control.

It is very common for this to end in an anxiety situation in which the person who is addicted to suffering feels comfortable and repeats to himself that he cannot get out of this situation and that he is depressed or has anxiety continuously.

As for the goals in life, people with this type of addiction tend to pose very long-term goals without accounting for the small steps that lead to them and creating a reality in which cannot afford to be well or complete until these objectives have not been achieved.

How to overcome the addiction to suffering

Most importantly to overcome this type of addiction is to recognize that it has a problem, because usually, the problem of suffering addicts is that they consider their reality as an objective reality that cannot be leave because there is no problem in them that is causing it.

Support groups are very beneficial for this type of addiction, individual or in group therapy also help greatly to overcome the problem. That is why; if you have some type of addiction to suffering even if they are mild symptoms, look for help because this psychological disorder can be mildly treated on time.

If you have some degree of this addiction, the most important thing is that plan to love yourself and get over it because live with this kind of perceived harms the happy memories and make life not worth it. So you know, look for help and be happy.