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All-on-4 Dental Implants Promise Brand New Teeth Within A Day

All-on-4 is a revolutionary development in the dental implant sector assuring you a brand new set of teeth within a day. The innovative treatment uses 4 dental implants specially placed to fix your teeth to jaw permanently.

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There are many renowned dental implants Surrey clinics that are offering the cutting edge dental implant technique. The post here offers a short brief on the All-on-four dental implant.

The state of art dental implant treatment starts with special X-ray covering the teeth & jaws. The X-ray helps the dentist to have an idea on the bone condition of the patient. Then, stone teeth models are taken to assess the bite & appearance. Now, a bridge would be made replacing your failing teeth which would be fixed with the 4 implants.

Any loose tooth or teeth would be gently removed away before placing the All-on-four dental implants. Don’t worry, you won’t feel any pain as the leading dental clinics use adequate sedation to keep your gum numb during the treatment. It just takes some hours to create new customized teeth which will be placed in your mouth on the very day. Being customized, the new dental prosthetics would be complementary to your jaw and mouth and hence you can be assured of no discomfort with the dental implants. The good bit is that you are allowed to chew with the new teeth from day 1.

The All-on-four dental implants offer several advantages. Apart from the fact that you will get the new teeth within a day with full bite functionality, you are also guaranteed of fixed & non-removable results. There is no scene of the embarrassing fall out of the teeth here. Thus, the new dental implant technique improves your oral aesthetics instantly boosting up your confidence level to a large extent.

You won’t need to take out the new teeth at night like the dentures and these can be regularly brushed, flossed & rinsed just like your natural teeth. It’s good to mention that this innovative cosmetic dentistry treatment also saves you from the repeated expenses associated with removable dentures like aesthetic gels, messy adhesives etc.

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