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Anti-aging dentistry: Latest techniques to recover the smile

The latest anti-aging dentistry techniques that help recover the smile and the same, enhance the health of your mouth. Forget unsightly braces a few years ago, because the revolution has also reached the techniques that allow you to show off a healthy and pretty smile.

anti-aging dentistry

Caring for the health of the mouth is critical, being something more than a mere cosmetic issue wanting to look a nice smile. The latest techniques in anti-aging dentistry help you recover your smile, with revolutionary and effective techniques. If you have any of the problems we will see below, it is advisable to go to the dentist and find a solution. To move forward, we will see what some of the newest anti-aging dentistry techniques are.

Anti-aging dentistry: misplaced teeth
Having misplaced teeth is not just a cosmetic problem, for example, prevents you smile in photos, but can also increase the risk of miss some tooth because your gums sick more easily. In addition to the brackets, there is another option, the invisible braces, a few aligners made of transparent polycarbonate which is changed every 15 days. It is a less invasive technique which does not cause ulcers. It can be used at any age. One advantage is that, to cover the crown of the tooth, the force applied is distributed over the entire surface and that allows for a less traumatic bone movement.

Anti-aging dentistry: recover teeth
Losing a tooth makes us look older, so to take years off, the best option is a dental implant. The latest techniques are most effective, since in the same session can place the crown and the implant, even without anesthesia. Dentists, among the most advanced techniques, are also using the laser to open the gum, which prevents pain and promotes tissue to heal before.

Anti-aging dentistry: renew gums
The renewal of the gums is done with grafts, to recover in those places where it has been lost. The gingivoplasty technique allow to recover the volume of the gum, and the peeling technique consists of a microdermabrasion laser to retrieve the pink color characteristic of healthy gums. To maintain the results of these anti-aging dentistry techniques, among the most innovative technique include ozone, which is basically to inhale oxygen with certain electron charges favoring the gum back to full consistency.

A beautiful smile is the best example of a healthy teeth and gums. Although generally consult to the dentist when a problem-a toothache, for example-appears, it is also important to try and find solutions to other problems, even if we think that they are unimportant, may be the risk factor of oral diseases, such as we have seen.