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Aromatherapy for Arthritis

Does aromatherapy effective to combat the annoying symptoms of arthritis? Natural remedies to mitigate the inflammation and the annoying pain.


The natural remedies can be an extra help to relieve the bothersome symptoms of a disease such as arthritis and, among others, it may be accompanied by joint swelling, stiffness and pain.

A disorder which, by the way, women who are most vulnerable. Among these remedies, does the aromatherapy turn out to be effective?

Although arthritis is a chronic disease, we can adopt some effective measures to control the symptoms and, above all, slow down its evolution. We are going to see, more thoroughly, what remedies it offers to us the aromatherapy for arthritis, a disease that should be treated because it can impair the quality of life of those suffering from it.

Aromatherapy Remedies

Among the effective remedies it includes applying on sore areas hot compresses soaked in a mixture of 3 tablespoons vinegar and 4 drops of pine essential oil, 4 drops of cypress and two of lavender. Another beneficial remedy, also apply externally, to perform gentle massage, in the form of circles, over the painful area with rosemary oil, a lotion of anti-inflammatory effect. A remedy that we can prepare at home, filling a bottle with rosemary leaves and covering it with alcohol.

Marinate for 2-3 weeks in the sun, removing the contents from time to time. If the skin is dry, you can substitute alcohol for olive oil.

With evening primrose vegetable oil, we can also prepare another home remedy and based on aromatherapy. In this case, evening primrose oil mixed with arnica vegetable oil, adding further chamomile essential oil (8 drops), peppermint oil (2 drops) and lemon oil (5 drops). Mix well and keep closed in a dry place, away from sunlight. Apply to the painful area.