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Benefits of Hugs for Health

Did you know that a hug brings much more than tranquility? Giving and receiving hugs, being surrounded by the arms of another person for at least 20 seconds, reported physical and mental well-being, with surprising benefits guaranteed by science to encourage us to give hugs.

benefits of hugs

Among the various researches on the benefits of physical contact, a study from DePauw University (Indiana) found that the hugs generated that the brain to produce oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin in a greater amount, hormones related to feelings of well-being and pleasure. But there are more benefits, some of them unexpected. Let find out.

Why it is important to give hugs

Hugging each day is an easy and simple way to improve our well-being. Also, try it will not cost you anything, discovering that the feeling of relaxation and tranquility is much more than a subjective appreciation. These are the benefits of the hugs:

Improve confidence and security

Hugs, especially in situations of emotional tension, help us reduce worries and fears and gain confidence and security. Not just giving a hug, but a gesture as simple as grabbing the hand of a concerned person helps reduces their tension and anxiety.

Reduces blood pressure

When you receive a hug you feel better almost immediately. In other words, the hug is a good explosive for our body to regain balance.

Hugs help reduce blood pressure and heart rate, which translates into fewer cardiac risks. A study conducted at the University of North Carolina found that people less likely to receive or give hugs had a higher heart rate, around 5 beats per minute more than those who receive or give hugs frequently.

Reduces stress

Similarly, hugs are also attributed to the effect of reducing cortisol levels, the stress hormone.

Protects the immune system

The stress, anxiety, worries… everything takes its toll to the health and, in addition, to steal our energy, weakens our defenses, making us more vulnerable to infection. To compensate for this, a few hugs every day.

Oxygenate the organism

Another effect of hugs is that the body generates more hemoglobin, a protein whose function is to distribute oxygen. When the organism feels regenerated, this translates into greater energy and vitality.

Protects against insomnia

Yes, it also helps you sleep better. As we have pointed out before, the hugs provoke an increase of the production of the hormones related to the sensation of well-being, such as serotonin, and that does the stress diminishes and sleep better.