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Bioenergy massage: All the benefits for the health

Relieve stress, boost defenses, promote mental relaxation and body relaxation are some of the benefits attributed to bioenergetic massage, to which must be added to stimulate the free energy circulation. And it is that the bioenergetic is based on the premise that a vital force as energy through our bodies. When it is blocked, the body sends signals through discomfort and pain, spasms, dizziness or decay.

bioenergetic massage

Bioenergetic massage, which is done by exerting pressure with the fingers, hands or fists at certain points of the body, helps to unblock energy to release tension and accumulated toxins. Let’s see more closely, what are the health benefits that brings for this type of massage.

How do you do it?

How the bioenergetic massage practiced? The main movements that are performed with the hands are landslides, kneading and pressure. The movements are executed from top to bottom, first on the back of the body and then on the front. It begins with a head massage with fingertips, varying the pressure of the massage, to continue down the neck (from the base of the skull to the shoulders), back, arms (from the wrists up), legs (from the feet to the buttocks) and feet (from the tip of each finger at its base, and pressing the center of the plants).

Then the massage is done by the front of the body, starting with a facial massage, review the neck, shoulders, arms and hands with kneading, chest and massage abdominal area. It is completed in the area of legs and feet.


The benefits of this type of massage are multiple. First, retrieve the balance of respiratory function, improve blood circulation and lymph, accelerate the metabolism and reduce the accumulation of excess fat. But this massage also has emotional benefits as it helps to release stress, anxiety and negative emotions, as well as to enhance self-esteem and security.

This type of massage is recommended especially for the most vulnerable people to suffer from psychosomatic disorders (negative emotions or stress can be reflected in contractures, for example), insomnia, cervical and lumbar pain.

It must be remembered that in order to get results and unlock negative emotions, recommend a minimum of 4 sessions. In the course of these sessions, and before starting the massage, the therapist will assess the cause of the discomfort and the area that are located to apply the most appropriate massage. A massage that seek to repair the imbalance between the different parts of the body.