Breast cancer: Benefits of pilates in the post-operative period

Pilates is one of the exercises that after the postoperative period of breast cancer can complement the treatment and help the physical recovery. Physical activity supported by the Research Group on Breast Cancer to improve the quality of life of patients after undergoing surgery.

benefits of pilates

Pilates, or Pilates Method, is considered an easy activity to practice and reporting physical and emotional benefits. The benefits include being a good ally after breast cancer surgery, one of the most common female tumors. Make sure your teacher has completed a recognised Pilates instructor course and has adequate public liability insurance.

When you start exercise after surgery?

After an operation, it is advisable to allow a reasonable amount of time after removing the points, especially if the area is sore and swollen. Specialists recommend to let go one month, although it depends on each case.

Before you start exercising on your own it is very important to consult with your doctor, because you have to adapt the intensity and type of exercise to the needs of each moment.

Pilates after operation

Gentle exercise helps to improve the quality of life of patients after oncological intervention. During the physical recovery, in the case of breast cancer is also important to reduce the risks of lymphedema, inflammation arm side where surgery has been performed and can impair its functionality. An associated disorder that can lower arm mobility, undermining their ability to perform everyday actions such as buttoning garments or comb.

The Pilates method is painless and can practice with relaxation exercises adapted to the physical and mental condition of each patient. Pilates is a postoperative therapy that, among other things:

  • It helps reduce fatigue.
  • Better pain control.
  • Regain mobility of the arms and shoulders.
  • Improve body balance.
  • Improve psychological well-being of the patient after diagnosis and intervention of breast cancer.
  • Physical exercise reports positive energy.

Pilates and emotional balance

Treatment of breast cancer has a strong impact on the image and femininity of patients. Physical exercise and, in this case, Pilates helps improve the perception of the image, while being a technique practiced in the group promotes ties between women as support to overcome the emotional obstacles associated with this disease.