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Can food cause diabetes? 5 habits you should avoid

Diabetes can be prevented. To this end, in addition to following a balanced diet, it should be check to change those habits which, although perhaps we do not know, can increase the risk for diabetes, a disease that occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin or when it fails to act on the body since the cells do not respond to its stimulus. Among the risk factors, can food cause diabetes? We’re going to discover 5 habits that should be avoided.

food cause diabetes

Avoid probiotic foods

The probiotic is essential in a balanced diet as they are a protective shield to the intestine and to prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria that can increase resistance to insulin. For this reason, do not discard to eat yogurts and other fermented foods.

Skipping breakfast

Of entry, it is not necessary to skip any meal and have to keep a regular schedule. The breakfast is the main meal of the day because our body needs to replenish energy after hours of sleep. Skipping breakfast destabilizes the metabolism and blood sugar levels.

Stop drinking coffee

A good reason for not skipping breakfast is that you don’t have to give up a cup of coffee. Caffeine, taken in moderation, activates the metabolism of glucose and prevents insulin resistance. Therefore, it is not necessary to eliminate coffee from diet, except by prescription.

Stop eating fruit for sugar

The fruit, rich in essential nutrients, is not a problem for its sugar content, any time and when taken certain varieties as moderation, such as grapes, figs or bananas, and within a balanced diet. The good news is that there are plenty of fruits to choose from.

Microwave for cooking

It can be an ally when we have no time to heat food, but watch out for the containers we use because some are magnifying glass, for example, plastic containers. And some studies have pointed to the chemical content of plastic can increase insulin resistance.