The hidden depression, as its name reveals, it is not easy to recognize and therefore to diagnose, since in most cases it is hidden behind a physical problem or extreme fatigue. In fact, patients with hidden depression tend not to make reference to a setback or emotional disorder. The signalsContinue Reading

What is a sweet temptation? Granted a whim from time to time is good, but beware if we turn it into a habit because there are foods such as sweets, which can cause dependence. An almost uncontrollable need for consuming food or drinks that contain a large number of sugarsContinue Reading

The obsessive thoughts never come alone, but often come accompanied by other negative emotions such as anxiety and restlessness. To get obsessed with something will end up by blocking the mind, which prevent us from taking the helm of our life and change direction. When something bothers us or restlessContinue Reading

The Aphasia is a language disorder characterized by an alteration in the expression and compression. The cause lies in damage in an area of the brain (right or left hemisphere depending on whether the person is right-handed or left-handed) specializing in language. What are the symptoms of aphasia? How toContinue Reading

The hypochondria can be defined as a mental disorder in which the person believes, in an erroneous and unfounded way, suffering from a health problem. The fear of getting sick, the fear of pain, can cause the hypochondriac is trouble thinking of having a disease that does not really suffer.Continue Reading