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Dangerous diseases that have no symptoms

It may be that you have no apparent symptoms but your body is in grave danger. We generally expect to go to the doctor or get a health examination, to have clear symptoms that something is not working well. The body does not work like this, you can have symptoms and have no disease or you can feel the same as when you were young and have a threat around the corner. Next, we tell you about the most common silent diseases.

silent diseases

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High pressure

It is a classic, high blood pressure, does not warn or show any clear symptoms. In fact, most people who have it have no idea that they are suffering. It is very important to measure blood pressure at least once every three or four years while you are young (18 to 39 years) and once past 40, once a year. This disease will not be treated with drugs regulators of pressure; can end in a heart attack, being able to be this of the fulminating type. That is, the type of heart attack in which nothing can be done to save the person. In addition, special care should be taken, if alcohol is consumed or smoke on a regular basis.


Another of the most dangerous silent diseases, glaucoma is a loss of the visual field, which if not treated in time can lead to blindness. It usually has no symptoms and it is irreversible. For this reason, special attention must be taken and regular measurement of ocular hypertension, ocular hypertension can lead to glaucoma.

The only symptom that may be related to glaucoma is the appearance of eye floaters that series of threads that flow to one side of the eye, and that we all have seen in some occasion. If you usually have these visions, do not hesitate to measure your eye pressure.

Sexually transmitted diseases

There are some very dangerous sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea or acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) that can remain years in the body of a latent way without presenting symptoms. Although in the case of AIDS if there is a battery of associated symptoms, once these occur, the disease is already at an advanced stage. It is very important to perform tests if you believe that you have maintained risk relationships, because both diseases caught on time, can even become chronic, leading the patient a completely normal life.

Giving voice to silent diseases

Regardless of your state of health, it is important to always keep a medical checkup on physical health status. In addition to practicing sports that increase life expectancy and a balanced diet. So now you know, don’t be afraid, to medical examinations that are required for health care.