Diabetes: Evaluate your risk in 7 questions

Diabetes, not only can occur at any age, but can do so silently. Not knowing that the blood glucose levels are above the recommended or downplay the increases in blood sugar can result in poorly controlled diabetes and this, in turn, in serious problems for our health. Diagnosing diabetes is as simple as take a blood test. Prevent its appearance is also in our hands, avoiding a number of risk factors.

diabetes risk

It is estimated as medical data, that half of people with diabetes have not been diagnosed. Pathology in whose prevalence directly affects the unhealthy habits, such as an unbalanced diet or not to practice physical exercise, gateway to overweight and diabetes. Ignoring the fact that you suffer from diabetes or detracting from the importance to have glucose levels above the recommended is exposed to a greater risk.

Diabetes is a silent disease, which can occur without noticing us or without that relate the signals that sends our body – unusual tiredness, increased thirst and hunger, fruity breath. A blood tests us out of doubt and we will confirm the diagnosis. Although the analysis did not throw a diabetic, do not leave out the preventive measures to avoid the risk of developing this disease. Risks that can assess in 7 questions.

High Voltage

Do you have high blood pressure? Having high blood pressure makes us more vulnerable to diabetes. And conversely. Exposure to high levels of glucose favors that the voltage rises. In fact, according to the experts suggest, a significant percentage of patients with type 2 diabetes suffering from metabolic syndrome – syndrome that combines several diseases such as high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity and hyperglycemia.

More than 45 years

Are you older than 45? Although diabetes can occur at any age, it is also true that the risks increase with age.

Wide waist

Do you have wide waist? Some studies have confirmed the relationship between waist circumference and increased risk of glucose rise. An abdominal perimeter above 103 cm in case of women multiplied by 14 times the risk of diabetes. In the case of men, more than 112 cm perimeter multiplies it by seven.


Are you sedentary? Sedentarism favors the appearance of diabetes. It is advisable to exercise at least three times a week.


Do you smoke? It is estimated that snuff increases the odds of diabetes by more than 40%. The passive smoker – exposure to smoky environments – is also a risk factor.

Polycystic Ovary

Polycystic ovary syndrome – cysts in the ovary – predisposes women to an increased risk of diabetes, even when this appears between 20 and 30 years.


Do you sting between hours? It is as important as following a meal time it is to adopt a diet with enough calories. Following a meal schedule favors the metabolic rate, prevents weight gain and improves insulin resistance.

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