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Discover the cure for fibromyalgia in Israel

The fibromyalgia is a disease with female face and can be disabling. Today, thanks to the advancement of medicine, patients with fibromyalgia have resources and therapeutic tools to control and mitigate the symptoms, among which stands out the chronic fatigue, but does it cure? New avenues of research have been opened to a recent study by a team of researchers in Israel on a non-degenerative chronic disease that affects muscles, tendons and ligaments. A further disorder is not easy to diagnose.

cure fibromyalgia

In addition to fatigue, fibromyalgia usually comes accompanied by musculoskeletal pain, loss of concentration and memory and mood changes. In fact, it can interfere significantly in the performance of daily activities and reduce the quality of life of the sufferer, with a higher prevalence among women. The study conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University, and published in PLoS ONE gives an important step to reduce the pain, and even eliminate the use of drugs, using a treatment with hyperbaric oxygen.

The peculiarity of the study lies, as the researchers’ stress, to have located the main factor that could be behind fibromyalgia, a disorder localized in the mechanism of the brain to process pain. That is, the response to fibromyalgia would be in the brains, which have mapped to find out which ones work incorrectly.

Hyperbaric oxygen

The treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not new in medicine, since it is used in treatments of burns, embolisms or poisonings by carbon monoxide, among others. It basically involves exposing the patient to pure oxygen at a higher pressure than normal.

A treatment that, according to the researchers, could help to cure fibromyalgia or, at least, to control pain without drugs. A total of 60 women with fibromyalgia participated in the clinical trial to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

In the patients who received this treatment during two months, it was found an effective reduction of pain, eliminating the medicines to combat it. Results that open up new avenues of research to ascertain its effectiveness in the treatment of different types of fibromyalgia.