Health Disorder

Drowsiness: Possible causes and remedies

The drowsiness can influence our day to day, especially during the afternoon. In fact, it can block our ability to concentrate and work and make us feel unable to assume all obligations. The drowsiness can turn into a really annoying, especially after meals, especially if we also do not care food. Sleepiness may impair our intellectual performance, while usually accompanied by a feeling of fatigue which, if not checked, will become durable.


What are the causes behind the drowsiness? Although it may seem a minor disorder, should not be underestimated, as it can lead to other health consequences, as discussed below.

Drowsiness Causes

The causes of drowsiness, in most cases, usually related to the stress and everyday worries. In other words, it is as if the brain decided to take a break to cope with the workload which is being undergoing. Other times, however, can be a sign of other health problems. Among them, it is necessary to point out the diabetes, narcolepsy, hypothyroidism, anemia or respiratory and renal failure.

Drowsiness may also be caused by hormonal changes (for example pregnancy women tend to have more sleep) and metabolic disorders, especially in changing from one station to another are when we are most influenced by changes in climate and temperature. Also be noted psychological causes, such as depression or poor sleep quality. Even lifestyle can often lead to suffer drowsiness (e.g., lack of exercise or heavy feeding).

Remedies for Drowsiness

Although in some cases, for example during pregnancy, drowsiness is normal and no major risks, in others if it is necessary to consult your doctor, especially when back to underlying illness.

When there is a sleep problem, before applying the proper treatment, you must make a neurophysiological study, called polysomnography. In practice results in specific monitoring of sleep stages during 24 hours.

When drowsiness is a temporary discomfort, we can use natural remedies, as introduced into the diet, moderately, some stimulating food (chocolate or coffee, for example). Do not forget that magnesium, propolis, folic acid and ginseng act as tonic substances, which help us to overcome fatigue and improve mood.

Sometimes it is also essential to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and start the day with a healthy dose of carbohydrates, to have more energy to spend during the day. No need to go through high performing physical exercise regularly.