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Eat slowly reduce cardiometabolic risk

As important as not skipping any meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks mid-morning and afternoon) is to dedicate time and not to sit down to the table with hurries. And the fact is that, although we do not believe it, the time devoted to eat and how we eat (fast, without properly chewing the food) also influences health. And even in the diet, because eating in a hurry do not pay attention to what we have in the plate and secure that we will eat more.

eat slowly

However, the consequences of eating too quickly – for example, recommended devote 20 minutes to breakfast and not leave home only with a coffee and a croissant to way to chew – go beyond the accumulation of weight. This is confirmed by a recent study published in “Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases”, which suggests that people used to eat at a fast pace many more are at risk of developing cardiometabolic disorders.

These disorders arise due to the increased levels of glucose in the blood, called-related insulin resistance, and a decrease in good cholesterol, favored by the excessively rapid chewing. A study identified a correlation between fast food consumption and body inflammation, a risk factor for obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Results should lead us to reconsider the importance of eating slowly.

The cardiometabolic risk factors include age, gender, family history, as well as high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and, not least, the unhealthy life style. Among the habits that revision is the time we spend on a meal, and since we increase the possibilities of taking more calories of the due ones.

Every healthy and balanced diet should provide the body with calories enough for the whole day. And do not forget the importance of combining a healthy diet with regular physical activity to reduce cardiovascular risks.