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Fatigue: 5 infallible remedies

We are more vulnerable than we think to fatigue, either prompted by the changing seasons or the excess of liabilities and commitments. If this is your case, then you can follow some simple rules that, relying on healthy habits, it can be a very effective ally to combat fatigue. 5 remedies as simple as infallible.


Fatigue Remedies

What can we do to alleviate tiredness that makes our days seem too long? In our hand is preventing it and, above all, combat fatigue.

Proper diet: The food is the main source of energy. Not surprisingly, we are what we eat. A healthy diet, varied and balanced is the right choice to feel good both inside and out, avoiding too rich foods calories, fats and sugars. The day should start with a healthy breakfast and vitamin intake of fiber. Freshly squeezed orange juice and a bowl of whole grains, a nutritious option. The protagonists of the diet should be vegetables and fruits. Indeed, caloric foods increase the feeling of fatigue.

Physical exercise: Or what is the same, to keep active. Did you know that the sedentary fatigue? Practicing physical activity on a regular basis – the best time of the day, in the morning, when you wake up – is the best antidote against fatigue. A pleasant walk or bits of jogging are ideal for recharge.

Hydration: Vital, caring for the hydration. As food is an essential source of energy and strength, water plays a crucial role to combat fatigue and provides additional thrust to the body to deal with multiple daily tasks. It is advisable to drink at least half liter of fluid every day, especially water, both during and between meals. To drink, in fact, you need not wait until you are thirsty, especially if you’re in an area with high temperatures or perform sport, as fluid loss may be higher.

Set daily breaks: For you to have the very tight schedule, booking up several spaces only for you, perhaps just 5 minutes. Women tend to take on too many responsibilities, both inside and outside the home, so that at times can come to feel overwhelmed. Stop what you’re doing for five minutes helps to temporarily ignore the brain and relieve stress and anxiety. Something as simple as leaving the table, take a few steps, make a phone call, take a glass of water, helps to subsequently resume activity with more energy.

Sleep well: The best solution against daily fatigue is a good night’s rest. Between 7 and 8 hours of sleep, without interference or interruption, these are perfect to start the day with energy. For this, among other tips on caring for sleep hygiene, it is off or out all possible sources of interference, such as electrical devices (mobile phone, computer, television …).