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Fear of insomnia: What it is and how to overcome it

The fear of insomnia causes the sufferer to sleep little or not at all, so that their health may be strongly resented by this disorder. That is why it is important to know what exactly this fear is and how to deal with it in the best way so that it will not cause us any harm in our daily lives. We discover all the details so you can deal with this type of phobia.

fear of insomnia

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What is the fear of insomnia?

Fear of insomnia is a type of anxiety that manifests itself at night in the form of deprivation of the watchful state. This state is the first phase of sleep in which through the generation of melatonin by the brain, the person is immersed in a deep sleep.

This type of fear creates a state of anxiety by which the generation of this type of substance is reduced drastically and therefore the person has difficulties in achieving sleep and if it does, to maintain a deep sleep during the hours of the night.

The fear of not sleeping comes from a state of anxiety that appears when visualizing events or important days thinking that we will not be able to face them by the impossibility to sleep or relax, that is to say, it is a psychological problem that is fed by not being able to sleep, we create anxiety relative to that moment of the day than of another part, it prevents us in turn to conciliate the dream.

How to overcome the fear of insomnia?

Fear of insomnia like any other type of phobia is overcome by facing what terrifies us is to face the situation of not sleeping in a relaxed and calm.

Try to reach that time of the tired day, after practicing some sport or activities that cause you physical fatigue and awareness yourself that this situation is unreal and there is no reason for you not to be able to sleep.

Similarly, you can also take some kind of natural sleep inducers that include some amounts of melatonin and help you sleep, removing your mind the idea that you cannot get to sleep and solving the anxiety problem.

It is also good that you talk about it with other people to downplay the issue and get rid of that huge burden.

It will also help you to think that nothing will happen if a particular day does not sleep which is going to be simply tired; this thought will repeatedly help soften your anxiety and fall asleep.

Fight against anxiety for not to sleep

Anxiety is a very common nervous disorder today because of the accelerated pace of life and new technologies. If you suffer from anxiety in any of its forms: morning anxiety, anxiety with food, fear of sleep, nervous migraine, etc., the best thing you can do is practice sports or relaxation techniques that help you channel your emotions. So you know, do not be afraid and plant your anxiety.

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