Fitness: 5 mistakes that you make

Physical exercise is good, not only to maintain our weight but for our health in general. Physical exercise is good for everything, including the heart and brain, so keeping fit is not just an aesthetic issue and lose the extra kilos, but also health. In addition to the practice of outdoor activities, the gym is a good alternative to fixed discipline and makes the most out of our dedication to the sport.

fitness errors

Fitness Errors

However, despite our efforts, not always get the desired results. What are we doing wrong? In most cases we are not aware of the errors that we are committing and that prevent us from moving forward and achieving remove all of the performance to the equipment of the gym. We reveal the 5 most common mistakes, to detect and avoid them from now on.

Go to the gym with tired: Follow a discipline means going to the gym regularly, but tired when training or, for example, with flu or cold symptoms, very typical of the winter months, we risk become discouraged and end up leaving going to the gym. When training tired is not going to get results, so it is better to take a break until the next day.

Follow a routine in your exercise table: It is important to vary the table, at least every two weeks, and if we always repeat the same activity our body will interpret the exercise as a stimulus.

Maximum stretching: The static stretching, according to advise the latest studies on physical activity and response of the organism, are not the most highly recommended before the training (those in which a position is held). It is best to do ballistic stretching (bouncing).

Pull neck: In such a basic exercise like crunches tend to activate the muscles of the neck, thus neck overextension that can damage the spine. To do well the abdominal should raise the chest only about 35 degrees, or what is the same, make a quarter of the final elevation. And the hands, better to place them in the shoulders.

Insufficient protection: Exercises like aerobics or running can harm your pelvic floor. To avoid this, you must learn to activate transversus abdominis muscle, which will help protect the most intimate muscles.

Five simple tips that will help you improve your performance in the gym. There are many options to get fit, not only with the devices – including the fitball, one of the most fashionable disciplines – but also with other sports activities such as spinning or aerobox, among many others. And, of course, another way to get in shape, of the most fun, is with dance steps.