Functional Medicine: Healing the Causes of Your Illness

This is one of the questions that are made by Functional Medicine, a new science dedicated to preventing and reversing diseases, understanding how our genes mark our individuality and all the factors that intervene to be the unique beings that we are. And for this Columbus Functional Medicine will be the perfect place to find your all answer.

Instead of asking what symptoms you have or what disease you have, to decide which medicine to take, Functional Medicine asks: Why has the disease occurred and what are the underlying causes?

functional medicine

The solution is to treat the cause, not the disease

The disease is a problem of some system of your organism (digestive, metabolic, sanguine …) and, therefore, we must treat the affected system, not the symptom.

The solution is to treat the cause, not the illness, the Functional Medicine is based on the basic postulates of original Hippocratic and Galenic Medicine.

Functional Medicine procedures are not based solely on the traditional approach of naming and diagnosing diseases, but in the analysis of its status at the global level.

Is the cause in any of your systems, digestive, metabolic, hormonal…?

It has to evaluate your different physiological systems, which in fact it is where all the illnesses.

  • Digestive function
  • Various parasitic infections
  • Intestinal permeability: Have toxins leaked from the intestine to the bloodstream? I mean, do you have a permeable bowel? Absorption of non-absorbable particles in the intestine
  • Nucleic acid production and metabolism: Genetic factor.
  • Hormonal function: Assess your stress levels, and your sexual desire, etc.

Treatment of the Functional Medicine for each of your systems

This is the focus of Functional Medicine. A personalized medicine that is based on maintaining in optimal conditions the following parameters or keys for your health:

Digestive and nutrient absorption system: Includes control of chronic digestive infections, control of food intolerance to known and not known by the patient or conventional doctor and control of glucose/insulin through your diet.

Liver or detoxification system: Through control of alimentary and environmental toxins, and liver repair through functional foods and herbal supplements.

Hormonal system: Stress management, cortisol and sex hormones through functional feeding, nutritional supplements and herbal supplements.

Nervous system: It’s optimal functioning depends on the three previous ones. Treatment is done through functional feeding plus neurotransmitter supplementation.

The Effectiveness of Functional Medicine for Chronic Diseases

The Functional Medicine is a medical science, it has been from its beginnings, and is recognized as such because of its efficacy and importance.

It has been created, with increasingly spectacular results when reversing pictures cataloged as Chronic Diseases among them:

  • Autoimmune and chronic rheumatic disease
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Metabolic disease
  • Neuropsychiatric disease
  • Cardiovascular disease

In addition, the impact is not only at the medical level, but also at an economic level for obvious reasons:

  • Fewer pharmaceutical costs.
  • Increased energy and productivity.