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Gastric reflux: How to distinguish it from stomach acid

Many times we have discomfort in the stomach associated with gastric reflux. This type of condition has nothing to do with heartburn but it is often confused with stomach acidity. It is very important to learn to differentiate both types of problems to be able to treat them properly. Here are the keys to distinguish gastric reflux from stomach acid.

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What exactly gastric reflux is?

The gastric or gastroesophageal reflux is a condition of the stomach is turned in the opposite direction of stomach acid. That is to say, it is when the stomach acid reaches the esophagus in the form of slight convulsions, being able to cause problems of irritation in this and in the mouth of the stomach.

This is much more common than it seems, often happens when we have heavy digestion or when we have nausea continuously. It is very important to know that a punctual gastric reflux is not of major importance, but when it occurs continuously is a problem that can seriously damage the walls of the stomach or even create ulcers in the esophagus and needs a specific treatment to reduce it.

Differences between gastric reflux and stomach acid

The main difference between gastric reflux and stomach acid lies in the form of onset.

While gastric reflux occurs in the form of stomach contraction and consists of the pain or inconvenience that can result in the return of gastric acid contained in the stomach, the acidity however is a feeling of discomfort in the chest (right in the mouth of the stomach) that is produced by the irritation of stomach acids when they are in the most appropriate time.

Although the causes of both can be difficult digestion, the treatment is very different. Gastric reflux needs to be treated immediately because it can cause wounds in the digestive tract, while a frequent heartburn can be resolved with a soft diet and stomach-protecting medications. Another of the remedies to avoid heartburn is to take digestive spirits or salt of fruits after a heavy meal.

Be alert with gastric reflux

If you have indications that you are experiencing gastric reflux on a regular basis, do not hesitate and visit a doctor. This can come from multiple cases and can have a simple solution if it is treated in time but if you wait more time of due in putting solution, the consequences can be the less painful. So, you know if you have reflux goes to a specialist sooner rather than later.