Ear Problem

Hearing Loss: Symptoms and treatment

The hearing loss can be defined as the decreased ability to perceive sounds. A disorder that may be due to several causes and have, therefore, different consequences, which ranging from a mild discomfort in the ear to total deafness. Our ears also warn us that something is wrong. The signs that we should not underestimated in any case.

hearing loss

Likewise, remember that ears health is in our hands, with gestures as simple as avoiding excessive everyday noises or listening to music with headphones at high volume. To improve the care of our ears, we will see further what causes that can cause hearing loss, symptoms and the best treatment.

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Hearing Loss Causes

Hearing problems can lead to varying degrees of hearing loss and difficulty to perceive and recognize sounds and words.

A problem also has to do with age, so that hearing loss affects mainly older people. According to medical data, one in three people over 65 have hearing problems.

However, the hearing loss may also be related to infections, inflammation and irritation, with repeated exposure to high volume sounds, lacerations and trauma affecting the eardrum, brain injury and Meniere’s syndrome.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

Symptoms, in addition to the more obvious is the hearing loss, may also appear localized pain (should be due to an infection or an inflammatory process may be accompanied in turn by the appearance of pus, redness and irritation), ringing or buzzing in ears, feeling of plugged ears and dizziness, which occur especially when the cause is the syndrome of Meniere’s disease.

Hearing Loss Treatment

If you have a problem or suspect the presence of any symptoms of hearing loss, it is important to consult your doctor to know the exact cause that causes it. The specialist will perform a physical examination and hearing tests to determine the most effective treatment.

Among the most common therapy is treatment with antibiotics in case of infection, surgery, trauma or presence of physical abnormalities, and use of hearing aids to reduce the amount of discomfort and improve hearing.

The latest generations of hearing aids are becoming smaller and more powerful, efficient and easy to use, while less visible. If the cause is Meniere’s disease, although there is no cure to resolve definitively the disease itself can control the most troublesome symptoms during acute attacks, both a healthier lifestyle, combined with the administration of certain drugs.