Heel Pain: Exercises and Tricks for Foot Pain

Wear some heels is undoubtedly irresistible to many women. But the best ally to complete your look can become an enemy of your feet. In addition to the annoying pain, climbing on high heels can lead to other discomforts in the foot and fingers, such as pain in the balls (metatarsalgia), hardness, chafing, calluses, gallo eyes, bunions… To not have to give up looking this beloved complement, and on for not having to say good-bye to the high heels that guard your closet.

heel pain

Why do feet hurt with heels?

A pain that is located mainly in the metatarsal, the anterior area of the foot when wearing the high-heel shoe, supports a large part of the weight of the body (greater as we add centimeters to the heel, reaching 75% if it has more than 6 centimeters). This generates an overexertion for the foot, ankle and knee, generating pain and inflammation. If in addition to high heel the shoe has narrow toe, we add to the list of discomforts the oppression of the fingers.

Avoiding foot pain when wearing heels

What is the height of the ideal heel? The truth is that we doubled the recommendation of experts in chiropody (between 2.5 and 3 cm heel), so it is advisable to know how to avoid the annoying foot pain. Another tip to keep in mind is to avoid abusing shoes with high heels and narrow toes. It is advisable to combine their use (even change several times of footwear during the day) with round shoes to grant a respite to the feet. Do not forget that now you can also choose shoes with platform.

Doing exercises with your feet and legs

As simple as to do rotation movements in circles and backwards. Before wearing heels, it is advisable to walk barefoot for a few minutes, to help warm the feet. Then shrink and stretch the fingers 5 minutes.

Relaxing foot baths

Is it a long day for your feet? Nothing likes to take off your shoes and soaking your feet in a relaxing hot bath with a small bite of salt to reduce inflammation and pain.

Yoga for feet

Yes, the benefits of yoga are extensive to the feet, so after the bath anything likes a session of specific exercises to promote relaxation, especially after wearing high-heeled shoes for many hours.

Widen your shoes in the freezer

Surely you’ve heard of this home trick to widen your shoes when they squeeze too much. To do this, we fill a pair of small plastic water bags and put them in the shoes. We put them in the freezer. To solidify the water expands the shoe. If you wear it when remove it from the freezer, the cold will help to activate the circulation.

Sand sole

If the footwear is slippery the risk of fall increases noticeably. As simple as lightly sand sole with a medium-textured sandpaper. Another option is the anti-slip stickers for the front of the sole.

Stick your toes

One trick that has become fashionable is to tape the third and fourth toe before putting on high-heel shoes. Between these two fingers there is a nerve that bifurcates in two, and when it is united, it becomes possible to liberate the pressure on the above mentioned nerve producing a relief to the foot.

Bring a spare flat shoe

Folding ballerina shoes that you can carry in your bag or in the car for urgent cases, when the heel shoes causes unbearable pain after wearing several hours.