Herpes simplex: symptoms and cure

The herpes simplex is an uncomfortable disorder, caused by a virus, which can affect the lips, both upper and lower, to the chin area and even the nose. It is essential to treat both to prevent the uncomfortable symptoms as for returning. Let’s see, then, what the most common signs of herpes simplex are and what the most effective treatment is.

herpes simplex

What it is
It treats of the herpes virus that has a particular characteristic, which is that once it is introduced into the body is not completely removed, but can remain dormant and appear at any time. In particular, it retreats to the nerve ganglia, may be inactive long time.

Risk factors
Periods of intense physical and psychological stress, the low defenses (e.g. during a cold, fever or menstruation) make us more vulnerable to herpes. Summer is also one of the stations more risk, because the sun and the heat may cause the virus wakes up and returns to the attack.

In the affected area appear small blisters filled with fluid and can be accompanied by pain, burning and redness. In a second phase, blisters or vesicles rupture, giving way to the scabs to be completed fall, without leaving scars.

It is essential to avoid contagion. In fact, simply enter contact with blisters that may occur. A kiss, drink from the same glass or sharing towel may increase the risk of contagion. Avoid the sun in the hottest hours and protect lips.

Although herpes simplex tends to disappear in a few days, it is advisable to treat it to reduce the symptoms. You can use specific drugs. A good remedy is to apply cold, with inhibitory effect. Upon noticing the first symptoms (itching and redness of the lip) applying an ice cube.