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How to use the homogenizer

Homogenizer is the laboratory instrument used for homogenization of tissue, plant, food etc. There are various models and types of instrument that has been developed over the years based on need. Extraction of the compounds from the human skin is the very vital and critical part vitro penetration assay as it is used for selection of molecules in the early pre clinic dermal development. Tissue homogenization technique provides faster and accurate results over the normal commonly used liquid extraction method. This technique is more efficient than the others. It is the very common first sample preparation step done before the analysis of proteins, metabolism, acids, cells etc.

use homogenizer

Cell fractionation done by the homogenizer is clear a step ahead from the process done by the other methods which focuses mainly on disrupting the material. Newer technologies such as the homogenization also concentrate on quality and environmental aspects also.

Handling the laboratory homogenizer may appear to be very easy. But you need to know all the functionalities in order to get the correct results. Wrong handling may result in wrong results and it will make entire purpose go wrong. There are lots of homogenizers available in the market but there are very few which meets the exact requirement of the laboratory and saves the time for the testing. It should be able to provide the results in short time and it should be consistent in providing the results. It is of no use if the results produced are not consistent enough to trust the machine. Homogenizers need to be tested in various parameters such as extraction efficiency with different solvent mixtures. Additional steps also will be tested during method development to test the compound stability in receiving media.

Advantages of homogenizer instrument

Prevellys Evolution homogenizer has the capacity to homogenize human skins in very efficient manner in short time. It can homogenize 24 samples in 7 minutes. Study has found out that it uses very less solvent that is around 1.5mL and provides recovery levels above 75% which is very impressive when compared to liquid extraction method. It is one of most advanced homogenizer combining versatility and efficiency. Tests done with the various compounds have returned satisfying results. There is little or low variations when tested with different compounds. It is able to produce results much faster the other methods which required overnight wait normally. It has quickly become one of the best homogenizer around the world for the clinical laboratory purpose. This instrument is semi automatic and needs very little manual intervention for the operation.

This instrument is highly recommended among lot of laboratories around the world as it provides accurate results in the short span time and popular among the people in that field.