How You Can Rehab Injuries in these 5 Areas of the Body

Injuries occur daily with some people rehabbing far faster than others. The dedication to rehabilitation is important as serious injuries will takes months of hard work. The setbacks that an individual can face during the rehab process require a positive attitude. One aspect that plenty of people fall behind on is that of doing exercises a physical therapist that they assigned to do at home.

rehab injuries

The process of learning the difference between pain and discomfort is important. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to delays while not pushing hard enough can also lead to delays. All people that are injured just want to return to normal ASAP. The following are tips to help you rehab injuries in these 5 areas of the body.

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Back problems can limit activity in huge ways with everything from lifting light objects to sitting on the toilet causing sharp pain.

Flexibility is going to play a huge role in back injury recovery. Plenty of pain is caused by tight hamstrings or hips leading to back issues. A dedication to rehab, stretching, and avoiding certain activities like lifting heavy objects will help you recover quickly. Pool rehab and swimming can be great ways to build back muscles to help stabilize your spine. Strengthening your core will also be important to keep your back in a healthy posture when sitting or standing.


A knee injury can occur for a variety of reasons but many knee injuries are due to sports/athletics.

The one aspect that many people do not consider during a knee injury is how losing weight will impact rehab. Losing weight due to exercise in a pool combined with great nutrition is important. The less weight the injured knee needs to carry around the better. Foot and leg injuries are similar as gaining weight can delay the rehab process. Keep your diet in mind when rehabbing a lower-body injury as it will directly impact your recovery time.


A shoulder injury can impact those individuals that have jobs that require physical actions like overhead lifting.

Shoulder injuries can occur from overuse in sports like baseball or swimming. Blunt trauma can occur in other situations like a fall or being tackled during a sporting event. Working your way back slowly with the movements is important as the shoulder is a very sensitive joint in the body. Preventative exercises will continually need to be done to avoid the same injury occurring again in the case of overuse injuries.


The neck can be injured from a fall or something as common as a car accident. Neck pain can hurt for years if not dealt with properly.

Lingering impacts of a neck injury can be felt for a lifetime. In the case of a car accident, this type of pain can decrease the quality of life for an individual indefinitely. Denver car accident lawyers Lampert & Walsh note, “When car accidents occur, it is important to hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you are forcing the defense to explain their version of events.” Rehab of a neck injury will take time so it is imperative to have patience throughout the process of recovery.

Head Injuries

The most common injury that people sustain after blunt trauma is a contusion. Concussions are extremely common in sports with an impact on a person that can last for years to come. The most important aspect of a concussion is identifying it as many concussions go undiagnosed. Rest is important with any head injury as the brain needs to heal like any other part of the body. Individuals that consistently get concussions have had to retire from professional sports.

Dislocations (Various Parts of the Body)

A dislocation can lead to fractures and possible bone exposure if a compound fracture is coupled with a dislocation. Stabilizing the joint can take surgery or the building up of the muscles around the joint. Holding the bone in place might take quite a bit of work to build up the appropriate muscles. There is a chance that you will have to wear a brace if playing sports in the future. A joint that has been compromised is far more likely to dislocate than a joint that has not suffered this injury. Dislocations can occur in various areas of the body which is why this type of injury is included on this list.

Injuries are frustrating and stressful to say the very least. Keep this in mind as it is also stressful for those that love you and are trying to accommodate you. Do not lash out as this will only make the situation worse. Everyone wants to see you healthy and ask for support in times of struggle.