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Ideal foods for weight loss

What are the ideal food for weight loss? Surely more than once you’ve hear this question. Keep reading and you’ll discover the true allies to lose weight effectively.

foods for weight loss

Know the foods that help you lose weight is important, both to ensure that the diet will give the expected results, as to not lose nutrients along the way. That is, when you lose weight you have to take care that the diet remains balanced, but with fewer calories. At the time of being on diet for those extra pounds, keep in mind that there are a number of foods that help our metabolism, which leads us to lose weight faster. Let’s see, further, what are the foods that we can trust when it comes to weight loss.

White Meat

If you want to lose weight, commitment to this type of meat. Its consumption helps the metabolism of proteins, providing fewer calories and more satiety. When cooking, remove the skin, both chicken and turkey, which often contains more fat. It is better to prepare the meat lightly, grilled, broiled or steamed.


Eggs, among other benefits, they also help us lose weight. They are rich in protein, so it is advisable to take them at breakfast. Indeed, the Dr. Perricone diet includes taking 3 eggs at breakfast. Besides increasing satiety, avoid falling into snacking between meals precisely the extra calories that can derail your diet. Of the egg, the egg white slims less and contains more proteins.


To appease hunger and prevent other more calorie temptations, takes Apple. If you want to avoid overeating, eating apple 15 minutes before sitting down at the table. In addition, apple is especially rich in fiber, which helps the intestinal transit. Eat slowly, which causes that we know really when we are satisfied.


Spicy is an ally to lose weight logically taken into perspective if we want to have stomach problems. Being rich in capsaicin is credited with the ability to help burn fat. Specifically, this substance increases blood flow through the process of thermogenesis, which leads the body to burn more energy and therefore more calories.

Green tea

A true ally to lose weight and to increase calorie burning, includes green tea in your diet and see how the results are secured.

Salmon and Tuna

Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and leptin, able to influence metabolism. Besides being very healthy fish are low in calories and nutritious, so it must be missing in your diet. It also contains arginine, a substance capable of prolonging the feeling of satiety.