Low defenses: Causes, symptoms and how to strengthen them

Why our defenses are weakening? There are many causes that explain the diagnosis of a weakened immune system, whose symptoms will be seen later to detect as quickly as possible that our defenses are low. How to strengthen the immune system? We take good note.

weakened immune system

The low defenses worry everyone. When we speak of defenses, we refer to that instrument of protection of our body against external pathogens. Not always, due to ignorance, we pay due attention to the signals that our body sends us or, simply, the weakness of our immune system is not seen with the naked eye. This is a problem, as our body becomes more vulnerable to infections, the attack of viruses and bacteria, especially through the respiratory system. In these cases, strengthening the immune system is the best protection barrier to not expose our body to unnecessary risks and to safeguard our well-being.

Weakened immune system: Causes

The causes of weakened immune systems can be diverse. Occasionally, low defenses can occur due to strictly environmental factors, such as seasonal change, cold, humidity or excessive exposure to the sun’s rays. But there are also other factors that affect, for example, its linkage with other pathologies, such as stress problems and even the uncontrolled use of antibiotics. Alcohol abuse and a poorly balanced diet – too rich in saturated fats, refined foods, and poor in fruits and vegetables – can be the basis of a weakening of the immune system.

Weakened immune system: symptoms

The symptoms of low defenses are several: physical and mental fatigue, hot flashes, lack of clarity, as well as other symptomatic manifestations such as hair loss and even the appearance of flu. These symptoms, in addition to noting that something is not right in our body, can also affect our quality of life and deplete our energies to tackle daily activities.

Weak immune system: how to strengthen it?

How to activate our defenses? The immune system can be protected by following simple basic rules. Thus, in the first place, the food must be reviewed, introducing in the diet lactic acid bacteria and probiotics, as well as vitamin C and Omega 3. Many cells that make up the immune system are found in the digestive tract. Thus, for example, the bacterial flora also contributes to regulate the immune system. Lactic acid bacteria – present in whey, yogurt or cheese – can also be helpful. The same can be said of Omega 3 fatty acids – present in fish like salmon.

The vitamin C, among other properties, acts to enable our low defenses to activate and exert their function efficiently. That is why in a balanced diet must never miss the seasonal fruits and vegetables, especially citrus. The ideal is also to consume raw vegetables, rich in vitamin D, essential for the immune system.

Another premise to take care of our defenses and avoid low defenses is in the practice of physical activity. The sport practiced moderately and regularly helps strengthen the immune system. Fundamental is also to take care of our rest and avoid stress, because in a situation of tension our body produces cortisone, a hormone that suppresses the immune system. To keep stress away, relaxation techniques are very useful, such as yoga.

How to strengthen the immune system with herbal remedies? In this case the choice may be broad: beta carotene, saccharin, talc and echinacea for the immune system.