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Migraine with aura: Natural Remedies

Migraine is not a simple headache and its symptoms are hard to ignore. An annoying and debilitating pain in the shape of migraine proceeded by a pain as acute as intense, disturbing the field of view. We can also notice a feeling of weakness and tingling. To stand up to the dreaded migraine we can count on the help of some natural remedies.

migraine with aura


The diet plays a fundamental in our health and in the case of migraines is not an exception. In fact, if we are prone to migraines we should be aware that there are some foods that can favor the appearance of annoying headache. It is appropriate to do so, avoid foods like cheese and alcohol. For its part, food is a good ally with a high place contained in copper, zinc and selenium, as the plant grains or green leafy vegetables. Also the food is good with high in vitamins B6 and E, as vegetables or chicken and turkey.

Devil’s claw

Behind this particular name, devil’s claw or Harpagophytum, hides a good ally to deal with the symptoms of migraines. It is a good analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic. Besides its name, it is also very characteristic form, as it has hook shaped.

It can be taken as an infusion to counter headaches, which may appear the most diverse causes, steeping in boiling water of this plant root. You can take several times a day. This plant, by the way, is also good to alleviate the discomfort of problems such as osteoarthritis.


A plant that cannot be absent in your first-aid kit of natural remedies is the melissa, ideal to counter headaches and migraines due to its analgesic effect. It is especially useful if preceded by migraine aura and acute attacks of pain. The infusion of melissa or lemon balm is prepared by adding two teaspoons of herb in a cup of boiling water. It helps to reduce the stress and tension which, in addition, increase the discomfort. Melissa tincture diluted with water, we can give a massage to the painful area.

White willow

Another ally that can be very useful not only for the headache, also to reduce stress and tension. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The white willow was regarded by the Egyptians a symbol of joy, being a good remedy for migraine with aura. It is best taken as an infusion, prepared with two tablespoons of bark and leaves in a cup of boiling water. Take every night after dinner helps mitigate the inconvenience and, above all, it favors the conciliation of the sleep. Poor sleep also promotes headache.