Health Disorder

Nomophobia: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The new technologies, and as well as new challenges and ways of communicating, have also brought us new addictions (in this case, the mobile phone) or irrational fears (to lose it or exit without it). What is nomophobia? It is the symptom behind hides a new disorder that can be defined as the fear and even panic, to stay without mobile phone.


And it is not a disorder to dismiss because it can have health consequences. Among the most common symptoms, anxiety and stress to lose the phone or do not have coverage to be connected. Let’s look more closely at what is the nomophobia and what to do to detect early symptoms of excessive dependence on mobile.

Nomophobia Symptoms

Fear, anxiety, stress and panic attacks at the thought of leaving without moving. Symptoms that may lead to other side effects, such as tremors, sweating, dizziness, trouble in breathing, nausea, chest pain, heart rate acceleration. Symptoms of dependence.

Nomophobia Causes

The first hypothesis point to a new psychopathology. This pathological dependence goes beyond a simple phobia, so that natural remedies, such as anti-anxiety not effective. Low self-esteem and difficulties in social relationships are risk factors.

Treatment for Nomophobia

If at the question of how you react when you lose your mobile or simply do not have coverage, you identify any of the above symptoms, you should consult a specialist to make an accurate diagnosis and timely action that the pathological dependence on the mobile goes to more. The most important thing is to identify the problem.