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Osteoarthritis: Decalogue to live with it

Uncomfortable and sometimes painful, learning to live with osteoarthritis will help us combat the symptoms and lead a life with as few limitations. We have the pathology articulate more frequent, especially in the case of women.


On the contrary of what you may think, osteoarthritis is not a pathology associated with old age, since it can appear at any age. When it appears before the age of 40 is usually hereditary degenerative osteoarthritis, especially in the cases of mothers to daughters.

Osteoarthritis can occur at any age and can affect any joint, especially in the hands, hips, knees or spine. A chronic pathology at which women are most vulnerable and whose symptoms tend to get worse or at least become more visible, with the cold.

If you suffer osteoarthritis, what can we do to combat the symptoms and progression? Here are the ten tips for solution:

Keeping our weight. The problems of overweight and obesity can cause osteoarthritis, while can make progress more quickly.

Applying heat and cold. The heat helps relieve arthritis pain and relax the muscles. One home remedy, place a hot water bottle on the painful joint. In the case of the hands, for a few minutes helps immersed in warm water to rise. When an inflammatory flares, the cold can be better ally, with cold baths or ice packs on the joint.

Drugs. Analgesics, anti-inflammatories, local injections, gels and creams can reduce the progression of this disease. In all cases, should be administered under medical supervision. If we decided to opt for some alternative therapies (acupuncture, herbs, osteopathy), should also consult a doctor before not to interfere with the drug treatment.

Exercise. Among the benefits, we reported exercise include strengthening muscles and protect the joint. We recommend walking, going swimming or cycling. Specific exercises for each joint are also advisable.

Avoid overloading. It is advisable to avoid taking too much weight, walking through areas irregularities and too long standing. Among other tips, use shopping cart to purchase and if osteoarthritis affects the knee or hip, a staff will help relieve the weight on the affected joint.

Break. Specifically, how we sleep. The advice, a flat bed. Avoid too deep armchairs and sit with back straight.

Rest. It is not to limit our daily activity, but make small periods of rest.

Footwear. If you suffer from osteoarthritis of the hip, knee or back pain, it is advisable to avoid high heels and replace them with flat shoes or thick soles.

Spas. The mineral waters help relax the muscles and referred pain.

Positive attitude. Living with arthritis is possible and without imposing severe limitations. Keep a positive attitude, and trust the medical advice and treatment advances, is essential.


Osteoarthritis occurs with intermittent phases of pain. A disease that affects the articular cartilage and that causes stiffness, pain and functional disability.

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