Palming: Benefits and steps to do this exercise of visual health

We do not usually pay due attention to eye health until it begin to show signs, such as fatigue or loss of visual acuity. If we do a job or activity that demands a visual effort, such as staying long in front of a computer screen, to avoid logical eye fatigue and help our relaxation we can implement a simple exercise.

palming eye

This is the Palming, a technique that among other benefits activates the circulation of the orbicularis oculi muscle, reduce eyestrain, prevent eyestrain and is a good remedy to alleviate dark circles and unsightly eye bags.

The Palming is a technique that is based on the principles of yoga, which favors not only visual but also mental relaxation.

Palming step

  • The first thing is to adopt a correct posture and, if possible, do it in a place free from noise. We started by sitting down in a chair, supporting the elbows on a table on which we can place a cushion.

    Back straight and head up. It is advisable be preheated hands (rubbing hands lightly).

  • We cover the eyes with the fingers of the interlaced hands (place the right hand over the right eye and the left on the left). No need to stick your palms into the eyes, and in the same way should not cover the nose.
  • Focus on the darkness, in the black color having blindfolded is the easiest to imagine. Think only of the color, which will help you relax. Spend few minutes (5-10) to be concentrated, combining breathing (soft and slow). If you find it difficult to concentrate on the black, imagine that you draw a circle and you’re coloring of that color.

There are other simple techniques that we can combine with palming, such as fast eye blinking during a few minutes (it helps prevent dryness) or alternative winks of the eyes (first the right, then the left).