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Palmoplantar Psoriasis: When walking hurts

This is a type of psoriasis, a chronic disease that affects the skin and, in this case, characterized by a very particular symptom such as pain when walking.

palmoplantar psoriasis

It is the only symptom, as patients also report feeling itching and burning that makes them feel uncomfortable when walking. Palmoplantar psoriasis has another feature, which is that its onset is usually late, from 30-40 years old, and even older. Can it be prevented? How is it?

Psoriasis is, first and foremost, an uncomfortable pathology, and palmoplantar psoriasis is no exception. Indeed, the pain and discomfort when performing an act as simple and everyday life such as walking are some of the most characteristic symptoms of this pathology. Palmoplantar psoriasis, chronic disease, can occur in the form of plates, drops or pustules located. The injuries on the palms of hands and soles of the feet identify to this pathology.

This is a type of psoriasis, as specialists in dermatology point, with special characteristics, and among them is that its onset is usually late. So, usually normal to appear from age 30, with women more vulnerable to suffer. The tobacco and stress are risk factors and in some cases may have a hereditary component. It is also a type of psoriasis localized in the feet and hands as we have seen. The pain, though uncomfortable, is not the main problem, but the injuries or cracks may appear on the hands and feet and can also cause a painful sensation.

But psoriasis is invisible and, indeed, the ignorance about it – symptoms, causes – remains very high. Considering it is a contagious pathology is one of the erroneous beliefs that must be eradicated. This can lead to a psychological impact on those who suffer psoriasis, especially when manifested in visible areas. One of these areas is precisely the hands. Keep in mind that the hands are the most visible parts of the body and most used. In this case, the aesthetic problem we add the possible limitations to perform daily activities, including walking.


Palmoplantar psoriasis, once diagnosed, can be treated effectively. Only in the most serious cases are used to the oral medication. Moreover, in such cases, besides the therapeutic treatment is also recommended to use specific products to moisturize the skin and combat skin lesions, especially redness, flaking. These products also help relieve itching.

In cases of having psoriasis on the palms of the hands and feet is not recommended sunbathing, unlike what happens with other types of psoriasis. Both the skin of the plant hands and the feet becomes thicker, so the effect of sun is not useful. It is advisable not to wash hands with hot water and must be avoided that might cause friction on the skin.

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