Pregnancy: Probiotics to reduce the risk of eczema

It is the main conclusion drawn from the study by a team of researchers and behind which could be the answer to how to reduce the risk of babies developing eczema. A response that could be taking probiotics during pregnancy period and the subsequent lactation. The main symptoms of eczema, which can be defined as a rash on the skin, are itching. But how did they come to this conclusion the researchers?

babies developing eczema

Probiotics could become an ally for the prevention of eczema in the baby, as the latest study by researchers. According to collect the results of the study, probiotics may be able to reduce the risk of eczema, thanks to its ability to balance the levels of bacteria in the intestine and prevent the emergence of strains causing problems or diseases. Action of probiotics, through immune cells, it spend to the afterbirth and hence to the breast milk.

The study involved the participation of more than 240 women, which were in gestation period. The researchers administered to patients during the last two months of pregnancy and the first two months of lactation, two different probiotic combinations.

In a case, like dust mixed with water and, in another, and as bacteria-free placebo powder. Participating women have shared a history of allergies, so in principle their babies would be more likely to suffer from eczema or other allergic reaction. Over the next two years, researchers have been monitoring the health of these babies.

The results do not seem to leave any doubt or at least open the door for further research on the properties of probiotics. Thus, 71% of infants in the group of women who were given placebo, had at least once eczema, whereas in the group of infants whose mothers were given either of the above two combinations of probiotics, the appearance of eczema was reduced to 29%.

Meanwhile, the researchers also suggest in their conclusions that from two years, no significant differences were observed among children with respect to a greater or lesser sensitivity to a variety of allergens such as wheat, milk or soy, among others. In this case, the taking or not probiotics did not exert a direct influence.

What this research does provide, and so authors have pointed out, is that probiotics help reduce eczema, a further simple way for the mother. Many babies may develop eczema on the skin during its early years. It is important to monitor its appearance, as can occur in a mild way and easy treatment, but can also appear with severe symptoms and be the gateway of atopic dermatitis, a condition that produces mostly itching and peeling of the skin.