Remedies for each type of headache

Behind the headache there may be multiple causes. Hence the importance of locating the exact place (forehead, temples, neck …) as depending on where it radiates the pain the causes will be different and, therefore, and the remedies to mitigate also. The stress, the emotional tension, but also the digestive or kidney problems, high blood pressure or physical and intellectual overexertion can increase the occurrence and intensity of annoying headache. How can we deal it? Take note of the most effective natural remedies depending on the type of pain.

type of headache

Headache on the forehead

The excess mucus or sinusitis and digestive problems can cause headache, usually located in the front (headaches). In the first case, we can make an infusion of ginger and mallow. If excess mucus is a symptom of flu or cold, it is better to opt for herbal tea of willow, a plant with anti-inflammatory and sedative effect, combined with ginger and thyme, help to remove excess mucus. Add a tablespoon of the mixture into a cup of boiling water, let stand and strain. When the headache is caused by digestive problems, the most effective remedy is an infusion of hibiscus, diuretic and digestive.

Headache in the temples

Stress is often the most common cause of this type of headache. In this case, we can opt for a gentle massage on the temples and neck with Tiger Balm White, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Another natural alternative is to prepare an infusion of lemon balm, feverfew or marjoram (effective in case of migraines and headache because it acts as a muscle relaxant).

Neck Headache

When the pain is located in this area of the head, due to the contraction of the muscles of the neck and head, it is best to take an infusion of valerian, St. John’s wort or verbena.

Generalized pain in the head

If the pain is not located at a specific point, but affects the whole head, with a feeling of discomfort and heaviness, it is usually due to high blood pressure or an overexertion (after spending many hours in front of the computer or studying, for example). In these cases, it is best to take an infusion of white hawthorn or hibiscus. If, however, the problem is low blood pressure it is best to take an infusion of artichoke (one tablespoon in per cup of hot water).