Skin Disease

Remedies for Rosacea

What is rosacea? It is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous follicles of the face, especially in the area of the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, and which is accompanied by a dilation of small capillaries.


Although it is not a serious disorder, appearing on the face can lead to emotional consequences. The most common symptoms are redness, rashes (similar to acne), eye irritation, and sensation of burning or itching of the face. Having clear skin makes us more prone to suffer from rosacea. It is also more common to occur in women (between 30 and 50 years).

Natural medicine

The Rosacea is a condition that should be treated, also having some natural remedies that can help us to relieve symptoms and prevent its recurrence. Thus, applied in external use, it is very effective to use virgin olive oil on the irritated or red areas. You can also use tepezcohuite oil (appreciated by their regenerative properties of the skin) or cucumber juice.

The infusion of chamomile helps relieve the discomfort of rosacea. To do this, add a tablespoon of chamomile in a half liter of boiling water, let stand and cool. Apply to the affected areas twice a day with a cotton swab dipped in the decoction.

Another natural remedy is to apply cold compresses of white clay diluted in an infusion of chamomile. We can also use the yeast, especially appreciated for its vitamin B. In this case we can take from 2 to 3 tablespoons of yeast per day. It is also advisable to include in the diet natural orange and kiwi juice. Thanks to its vitamin C and flavonoids, these fruits help alleviate the symptoms of this skin problem.

As for the diet, what we eat can do much to help control the symptoms of rosacea. Thus, it is advisable to eliminate from the diet strong condiments, stimulating drinks such as coffee or fermented cheeses. It is also advisable to avoid very hot meals.