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Smelly belly button: Causes and natural remedies to prevent it

It is much more common than we imagine smelly belly button. This can occur for many causes, some of them harmless and some not so much. The most important thing if you smell your belly button is to determine what causes that is happening and how to avoid it by using natural remedies. Next we discover to you the main causes for which belly button smell and some very practical natural solutions.

belly button smell

Main causes of the smelly belly button

Poor hygiene

The belly button is a knot that is in contact with our guts. That is why it requires meticulous hygiene. Occasionally, some type of internal leakage fluid (especially to people who have the hole in the shape of incision) which must immediately clean with soap and water to avoid subsequent problems arising from this suppuration. This is not very important and is very common. The problem comes when hygiene is totally deficient as this type of secretions come together fibers of clothing coming to develop foreign bodies that may leak into the inside of the belly button and generate a bacterial infection.


Omphalitis is a type of infection that occurs on the outer parts of the belly button. Its main symptoms are: odor of the belly button, suppuration of liquid with yellow or even green tones and generation of a crust, as well as to cover completely the belly button itches a lot. This type of infection is not serious.

It is caused by a very common bacterium that is usually found in cotton. For the infection to disappear, it is enough to apply an antibiotic cream in the area, for example, terramycin.

Natural remedies that can eliminate belly button smell

When the bad smell in the belly button is due to bacterial growth, for example, when there is no proper hygiene or when sweat is not removed, there are a number of natural remedies for smelly belly button we have at our disposal to clean the belly button and to be able to relieve it. Here we explain:

natural remedies for smelly belly button

Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree oil, capable of cleaning all the excretions of the belly button in an effective and deep way. Simply place a cotton pad impregnated with one or two drops of oil in the belly button before going to sleep and the bad smell associated with the dirt will disappear completely.


If what we have is an infection in the belly button, washing it with a lavender emulsion in water can help us to cure it and therefore to the disappearance of the bad smell. We only need to clean the infected area with wet cotton in this infusion once or twice a day.

Rosemary alcohol

If what we want is not only to stop smelling but also to be perfumed, alcohol or rosemary oil will leave a pleasant smell in the area without damaging the characteristic ph of our belly button or pose any danger to your health.

Attention to the belly button is the most important

Regardless of the cause of the bad smell, the most important thing is to pay close attention to our belly button. Bring adequate hygiene and make medical check-ups to see what its condition is if we suspect that something can go wrong.