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Swollen legs by heat: Effective Remedies

How to treat swollen legs by the heat? Tiredness, swelling and even pain are some of the most common symptoms of a very common complaint in the warmer months. The prevention, as in any chapter of health, is essential. Let’s see then look so deeply, what are most effective remedies to prevent swelling of legs and in case of suffering, to mitigate the inconvenience and enjoy the summer in a relaxed manner. Remember it is also important to take care of diet and exercise on a regular basis, for example something as simple as walking.

swollen legs

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The nutrition plays an essential role in improving the welfare of our body. Hence the importance of choosing the right foods and, in the case of swollen legs, does not forget to include in the diet foods that promote the elimination of fluids (draining and diuretic foods). Similarly, the foods rich in salt must diminish, such as packaged products, excessively spicy, canned foods, fatty meats and cheeses.

On the other hand, are foods that can be helpful, especially to revive the blood circulation and promote the body purification. In particular, it is beneficial to eat berries, such as strawberries, blueberries and currants and kiwis and citrus, which are rich in flavonoids with anti-inflammatory effects.

Natural remedies

What are the natural remedies to combat swelling of legs? An effective remedy is the infusion of hazelnut leaves, to be taken twice a day, especially during periods when the symptoms are more frequent and when the swelling is accompanied by tingling sensation.

Another ally is the green tea; we can prepare some tea leaves in boiling water. We can take it as an infusion or soak cotton gauze and apply it in the legs. Green tea has numerous benefits for health. A drink that we can take to counteract the swelling of the legs is a mixture of molasses and anise seeds. We can take between two and three times a day.


If the situation does not improve, while it persists, we must consult the doctor since it may be necessary to resort to the use of special medicines, which should always be used under medical supervision. These specific drugs help improve blood circulation. On the other hand, there is cream to reduce the feeling of heat that occurs mostly around the twins.