Tetanus: Symptoms, causes and remedies

The Tetanus is an infection that affects the muscles and nerves of the body, caused by a wound contaminated by a bacteria, Clostridium tetani. When this microorganism (present on the ground, in the dust, in old wooden objects and rusty iron) enters our body produces a neurotoxin that can cause muscle spasms.

tetanus causes

The infection can spread throughout the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic system, blocking the activity of nerves. Without proper treatment, tetanus can be fatal, so we must pay close attention to this symptom.

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The first symptom of tetanus tends to be the muscle spasms in the jaw, which can be accompanied by difficulty of swallowing. Gradually be affected other muscles, neck, shoulder, back or limbs, causing severe pain and muscle stiffness.


The majority cases of tetanus are production by an infection from a wound or cut, and no need to be too severe or profound. The injuries are especially dangerous in the shape of burns or wounds contaminated with soil, saliva or feces. Be careful of unsterile needles.


The prevention is crucial, especially the vaccine, being mandatory in the case of children and if we plan to travel to certain countries where the risk of tetanus is higher. The treatment involves administering antibiotics to neutralize the effect of the bacteria.