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The Best Natural Skin Products

Often, the most accessible and inexpensive ingredients are an extraordinarily effective alternative to hydrate, nourish or decongest the skin. We propose some natural products with which you can make your own home remedies for hydration and daily care.

natural skin products

Vegetable oils and essential oils
Mixtures of vegetable and essential oils are natural substitutes for true industrial creams. If you have not yet tried it, as their effects on the skin are extraordinary. The vegetable oils are an excellent choice to hydrate and nourish the skin naturally while essential oils are much more complex substances with certain therapeutic applications. Our advice is that substitute any industrial cream that you use for the body and face of a mixture of vegetable and essential oils completely customized to your skin type. Doing these mixtures is very easy, quick and simple.

The therapeutic properties of the clay in the skin have many applications in cosmetics. One of the most striking features of the clay is its impressive ability to absorb toxic substances. In addition, clay disinfects, nourishes in depth with many minerals, promotes decongestion of inflamed areas and is a great pain reliever. When you have a dirty skin, there is no better mask than green clay. For dry or aged skin, white clay.

Himalayan Salt
We will refer to Himalayan salt because it contains some additional mineral properties with respect to other salts, but in fact you could use sea salt or table salt. Himalayan salt contains many trace elements with capacity to nourish and regenerate the skin. One of the most useful applications and practices is found when performing scrubs.

Salt is one of the ingredients that should be present in the pantry of natural cosmetics, and exfoliation is one of the most beneficial applications.

We can also incorporate it into the bathrooms at home spa treatments, especially if we suffer some kind of alteration in the skin (as in the case of dermatitis, for example), because the sea water and salt to alleviate symptoms considerably.

The properties of honey include numerous vitamins, enzymes, minerals and organic acids that make it an excellent treatment of hydration/nutrition to all skin types.

Thanks to its antibiotic and antiseptic properties, honey – applied as a mask on a regular basis – is a magnificent treatment in oily skin or acne. But at the same time, its extraordinary capacity to regenerate by providing essential nutrients also makes it ideal for dry skin or aging.

The only drawback to the use of honey is sticky texture that has, therefore, one of the most effective and practical ways to benefit from its properties is mixing it with other ingredients to facilitate their application.

Beeswax is an essential element when developing natural creams. It is very resistant to the passage of time, is an antioxidant and also moisturizes the skin, helps us to get a creamy texture in our natural beauty products. Make a natural cream with beeswax is the easiest in the world, hardly takes a few minutes and you’ll definitely replace the full industrial chemical creams for moisturizing natural product full of beneficial properties for the skin.

The egg is a food rich in fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals and is an effective treatment for stimulating cell growth and nourishes the skin deeply. Therefore it is also one of the natural elements that can draw to develop restorative masks.

As with honey, egg becomes impractical when applying, especially when removing it, because once it dries very difficult to separate the skin and usually tend to be abundant remains. But while a mask of beaten egg is an excellent choice to nourish the skin. If you decide to try it, remember to moisturize the skin thoroughly before removing it, and then stock up on a good deal of patience to go slowly removing it without damaging the skin.

Another option is, like honey; combine it with other products to facilitate its application.

Algae are a purifying ingredient used frequently in anti-cellulite treatments, or rejuvenating treatment.

Seaweed is rich in minerals and other trace elements, but mostly is rich in iodine. Iodine stimulates the thyroid gland so that it stimulates the metabolism. So it is completely discouraged in cases of hyperthyroidism (both ingested and applied externally).

Algae introduced generally in the diet, slim and purify the body, in addition to providing much needed nutrients for proper immune protection.

Applied to the skin, scrubbed deep layers, stimulate cell growth and provide very beneficial nutrients to the skin.

In addition to these essential ingredients enumerated above, you should not forget:

Fruits are very beneficial cosmetic properties for the skin and body.

The grain flours
Grinding oats, chickpeas, barley or another cereal or legume, offers an excellent natural exfoliant brimming with nutritional properties.

Yogurt naturally is a good moisturizing and nourishing. The problem is it’s hard to find natural yogurt with no additives and chemical preservatives.

Like algae, muds contain numerous minerals that repair and nourish the skin. Its have anti-inflammatory ability and drainage aid in the deep layers of the skin by eliminating toxins.

Beekeeping products
All products manufactured by bees (propolis, beeswax, royal jelly) are extremely rich substances in micronutrients for the skin. Do not forget to occasionally incorporate some of them in your favorite masks.